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Rebuilding Lives: What to Do After a House Fire

A house fire can turn one’s life around. And more often than not, the hardest part is knowing where to begin and who to call. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may be rebuilding your life from almost nothing. While some organizations can [...]

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Smoke and Mirrors: The Dangers of Fire and Smoke Damage

Fires are devastating on so many levels, from the damage caused by the flames, to the properties that get reduced to ashes, to the injuries resulting from smoke exposure, heat and escaping the devastation. But there are hidden dangers created by the fire and smoke [...]

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Health Hazards of Molds & Remedies

Molds are the hallmark of states with hot climates like Florida. These microorganisms thrive in moist and humid areas and are detrimental to your family's health and home items. Exposure to spores of molds can result in allergies, infection, and toxicity to humans. Severe infestation [...]

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Tampa Water Damage Tip: How Long To Dry Out My Damaged Structure?

Hi, this is David Sweet with NextGen Restoration, your Tampa water damage experts, answering a question we hear frequently. How long should it take to dry a structure? The standard answer within the insurance industry is within three to five days. However, we have a slightly different take [...]

Can I Use My Own Tampa Water Damage Restoration Company?

  Hi, this is David Sweet with NextGen Restoration, a Tampa water damage restoration company. We wanted to answer another question for you today, that we hear frequently. Can I use my own Tampa water damage restoration contractor? The short answer is, yes, you absolutely can. Frequently [...]

Storm Damage From Hurricane Isaac

Preparing For Storm Damage Despite the obvious benefits of living in Tampa Bay, our annual hurricane season can be a headache.  Hurricane season runs from June through November for the Tampa Bay area, and it's easy to predict that many local residents will have to [...]

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Do It Yourself or Water Extraction Professional?

Can I Dry My Own House or Should I Hire a Water Extraction Professional? This is the first question that any person asks when they encounter a water damage or flood damage event in their home or business. Well, at least it might be second [...]

Water Damage and Flood Damage Claims Denial

How To Avoid A Denial for Water Damage Claims You have water damage at your home. Did you know that you will almost certainly have insurance coverage for the water extraction, decontamination of materials and drying equipment necessary to dry your house. You should also [...]