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Does Your Restoration Company Work For You? Pt. 3

Every insurance company will use either a Company Inside Adjuster or Outside Adjuster (IA - Independent Adjuster) to quantify your claim. They do legitimately need a person to do this. The risk comes when an adjuster is not competent, neutral, and unbiased in their assessment of the claim.

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Does Your Restoration Company Work For You? Pt. 2

Part 2 of the Series: Does Your Restoration Company Work For You? Risk #2: Preferred Vendors "Could we suggest someone to help you out?" suggests the very nice claims professional. Saying “yes” makes it all so easy, but is it in your best interest? The [...]

Does Your Restoration Company Work For You? Pt. 1

I am going to describe the REAL environment that an insurance claim operates in. I am trying to give you the look "behind the veil” to reveal to you what you could never know if you did not operate within the industry. The complexity you see is one of the main reasons that we STRONGLY caution you regarding the selection of a UNBIASED Restoration Company to do your work.

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Preventing Your Home from Becoming a Waterworld

Water damage is one of the most common issues homeowners must face. Despite this fact, some still do not know the basics of prevention. Water should never wreak havoc on your property. To make sure it stays that way, you have to be on top [...]

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After the Deluge: Recovering After Floods

Probably the most heartbreaking part of floods is the aftermath. The first moment you enter the house after a flood may be too intense as you begin to see the total amount of water damage. Taking stock of the total damage that resulted from flooding [...]

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Flood Mitigation: Taking Action Now Instead of Later

Flood is a destructive force of nature. It submerges the entire house, damaging everything inside it. What’s more frustrating is that you need to clean the mess right away to prevent mold. Instead of letting this incident turn for the worse, why not take action [...]

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Small But Terrible: Why Simple Leaks are Headaches

When your faucet suddenly breaks and water spews all over the bathroom, you call the plumber to get the damage fixed. But, when you're dealing with small drips under your sink, you wait another day or even weeks to repair the leak. While it might [...]

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When Pipes Burst and Come Apart

Busted pipes are a problem that can turn living in your home into a nightmare. The water damages it can potentially cause range from weakened walls or foundations to thriving mold and mildew. Furthermore, the accumulation of water can become a breeding ground for bacteria [...]

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