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Water Damage Re-Drying after Insurance Co’s Preferred Vendor

“After a water pipe burst in our home, we contacted our insurance company and were given the name of one of their “preferred providers” to do the water extraction. We were not impressed with their work. We contacted NextGen Restoration for an estimate on repairs to give to the insurance company. Upon NextGen’s arrival, they found that the initial drying, done by the “preferred provider” had not been done properly and that our home was still wet and now had mold. Our insurance company was notified, by NextGen, of the scope of the work needed to correct the problem their “preferred provider” had created.

We contracted with NextGen to dry the house and remediate the mold created/left by the other company. They immediately began the work and shortly after that, the insurance company denied our claim. NextGen continued their work, aware of the denial, and finished drying the house. A hygienist confirmed that the mold was indeed present, at which point we had to move out of our home. Together with NextGen, we reached an agreement for the mold remediation, so we could move back into our home.

During our lawsuit with the insurance company, NextGen stood by us, including brilliant testimony and live demonstrations at trial to justify our case. Their state of the art equipment processes and recording of information was above reproach at the trial.

NextGen waited patiently for 3 ½ years to get paid, until we won both the trial and appeal.
Their support, excellent work and concern for their clients made the difference for us. We highly recommend their services!!

Thank you NextGen Restoration”

Mark & Rhonda Wagner

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Insurance Co Vendor Claimed it was Dry – Moisture Tests Proved Otherwise

“This January, a contractor at my condo complex accidentally set off the sprinklers, wetting my 3-floor unit and the 2 units below as well.  My condominium association called in their preferred vendor who came in and did several days of drying.  They left saying that my unit was dry.  Within 2 weeks, I was getting concerned my unit might still be wet from the odor…. Since I thought the amount given to me by the insurance company for repairs was well below what I felt necessary, I decided to contact someone to do another inspection and estimate.  When I called NextGen, they scheduled an appointment at my convenience and came when they promised. Upon arrival, they performed an investigation to confirm that the unit was actually wet.  After that, they took me from room to room and SHOWED ME that the structure was still wet by pointing out exactly where.  I would have never known this without their tools and knowledge and I would have had to live with the resulting water and mold damage that was left behind.

After their inspection I contacted my association and NextGen met with them onsite to go over the findings.  As a result of the meeting and NextGen’s’ report, the drying contractor was required to come back for another 7 days of drying floors, walls and other materials left wet throughout my unit.  You must realize, it looked very dry!  I had no idea how much water was still trapped behind the wall.  Now we have to deal with the mold that was the result of being left wet.  But at least NextGen’s efforts have made this process a lot easier with a lot less fighting, plus they got it all covered by insurance.

NextGen then produced a rebuild estimate that accurately reflected the damages I incurred (which BTW was several times what the insurance company said) and identified all of the materials omitted by the adjuster.  They also found things that were covered but at a lower grade than was present (like my carpet).

I know it is hard to find people in the construction/insurance repair industry that you can trust but I have found one here.  And they worked hard to earn that trust.  What they knew about water damage, mold and restoration was invaluable and challenged the insurance company to be square with me.   Without NextGen Restoration, I would be sitting in a wet, very moldy house without the money to make the repairs I needed.  Thanks for telling me the truth and helping me through this mess!”

Bob Hutchins

Water Damage – Structural Drying

“NextGen really knows how to select and run a crew charged with the important tasks of drying out a home and returning it to a normal condition.
They were very polite and genial, but it was very obvious that the work came first.

As a civil engineer, I have a good understanding of project requirements and your group met them all.

I would feel more than comfortable recommending NextGen, both personally and professionally.”

Robert Steinle

NextGen’s Advanced Technology Convinced Insurance Co to Fix our Issue

“Well, 2015 started with a water damage event at my Harbor Island home.  The company that caused the damage hired a drying company to clean it up.  However, I hired NextGen Restoration to come behind them because I wasn’t sure if they were doing it correctly. After over a week of drying efforts by the first drying contractor, NextGen confirmed that the structure was, still, very wet.  Ug!  So I asked them to take over the project.  They installed a bunch of sensors, and then used their in-house product called  MitManager to see how everything was drying remotely.   Pretty high tech!  I liked it because it meant they didn’t have to get into my property every single day, but the best part was the collection of data that presented the REAL situation to both involved insurance companies (one was my homeowners, the other worked for the guys who caused the problem).  Both ins companies said my house was dry, should have been dry, could have been dry…. but it was NOT.  They said all the materials could be salvaged, but they could / should not have been.  The data that NextGen produced left them little option but to accept that it was actually still wet.  NextGen said that the data would convince them and it did. 

If that wasn’t enough, since my property had sat wet for almost 4 days, NextGen was concerned that there might have been mold, and they were right again. They pulled in a professional mold assessor who confirmed their suspicions.  The insurance company tried to say that there was no mold issue, but once again the data carried the day, and the insurance company backed out of its position and approved the work.  While the insurance companies kept saying that the work necessary was excessive or NOT necessary, each time, the documentation NextGen provided changed their mind. 

NextGen’s project manager sat down with me and explained their estimate and how it was validated against the actual conditions of the project.  They went over all of their supporting documentation that explained WHY they billed what they did and clearly identified what work was necessary on the project.   NextGen would not even submit the final billing until I was comfortable that it accurate.  I really appreciated that.  And in the end, they got the ENTIRE BILL PAID based upon the reports submitted by NextGen and its MitManager software system.   Now I know why the insurance company was less than thrilled when they heard NextGen was on the project.  LOL

Several weeks later I am left with a dry home without any smelly mold.  NextGen promised me an honest, facts-only job, and promised to only bill for the work they could PROVE was necessary.  They were every efficient, knowledgeable, professional, and I really liked their impressive reports. They even warned me about how it could go with the insurance company, and sure enough, that’s what happened.  Unlike my first contractor, they did ALL the work that was necessary and looked for all the other things that may have created problems for me.  Tens of thousands of dollars of work would have gone undiscovered and therefore uncovered without NextGen.  I would highly recommend them and am happy to be a referral for them if you would like to speak with me.  Thank you so much NextGen.”


Peter Brudny

Water Damage Mitigation and Cleanup

“I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the work you did in our house recently. Your technicians were very knowledgeable and were able to help us understand the steps in the drying process and why certain things were being done etc.

The work they did was very thorough and they acted as professionals at all times. We felt very comfortable with them working and having access to the house, they both were very careful with our home and with the time they spent at our home.

I think David probably spent the most time monitoring and adjusting the equipment, but both he and Leon were top notch and a pleasure to deal with.

I just thought you should know our experience with your company.”

N.W. Tampa, FL

Water Damage Restoration Job

“Thank you for responding so quickly and providing excellent service when our house had a pipe to break underground and damaged areas of our home.During times like this, it is so very stressful. But it was truly a delight to have a company like yours help!

You answered my phone call personally and quickly. The crew also responded quickly and were so polite and provided professional attention.I felt everything was under control and in good hands!

It was especially encouraging to have your hands-on oversight from beginning to end.

Everything is back to normal now and I just wanted to express, again , my gratitude for a “job well done”.”

With appreciation,

L Chidel

Water Damage Repair and Remediation

“We had an excellent experience with Nextgen Restoration and its owner, David Sweet.
We hired Nextgen restoration to repair our water damaged home.

During the course of the repair, we had a second episode of water damage when a water softener company flooded another area of our home during installation of a new water softener. We called Nextgen again and David Sweet came out immediately with one of his employees and stayed until midnight cleaning up our home and minimizing the damage as much as was possible.

We found David to be very attentive to our job, extremely knowledgeable regarding mold and water damage remediation, and responsive. He did what he said he would do. We also had an excellent experience with the contractors he works with.

We hope to not have any further need for water and mold remediation, but we would absolutely work with Nextgen Restoration and David Sweet again should the need arise.

David was extremely helpful to us during a very difficult time and we are very grateful to have our home back intact and actually in better shape than before we had the 2 episodes of water damage.”

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Washer Overflow – Water Removal and Cleanup

“To Whom It May Concern: I, Ester O., had the pleasure of working with David S, Leon C, John F and the very competent staff at NextGen Restoration this year when my washing machine created havoc in my life. The havoc started at approximately 1:30 in the morning. After the initial shock of what was happening, I looked in the yellow pages and found Adjuster Restoration Services also known as NextGen Restoration.

Within an hour, Leon and John were at my home. They diligently worked very hard to help us get the remaining water out of our house and move the furniture somewhere safe.

They were very professional in explaining the procedures that would be taking place and the documents needed to be signed in order to get my home in the condition that it was originally in.

They were very comforting and kept us informed daily of what was going on and were there for moral support.

The office staff was very professional and friendly every time we had to call the office for any reason. It was a struggle working with the adjusters and the insurance company but NextGen was always there supporting us and encouraging us. The whole experience was depressing and mentally draining but I am glad that GOD guided me to the yellow pages and put them in my view.

My claim was finalized, I was paid, NextGen was paid and everything is back to normal.
I thank GOD, NextGen, the staff and everyone involved that made this experience as painless as possible.”

A very grateful and satisfied customer,

Ester O. Tampa, FL

Water Damage Mitigation

“NextGen was very professional and answered all my questions in an easy to understand fashion.
I would definitely recommend NextGen to anyone who has water damage and needs it fixed quick!”

Kim from Tampa

Water Extraction / Damage and Cleanup

“Tampa’s Best Water Damage Restoration Service – I had some slow leaks in the plumbing that went undetected for a few weeks and I called NextGen Restoration to make the repairs.  They got to work the next day, helped me dry out the bathroom and laundry area that had the leaks, and got all the repairs done quickly (less than a week from the first call to the end of the repairs!). Quality service, friendly, professional crew, and really reasonable rates!

I highly recommend NextGen Restoration in Tampa at (813)962-6855.”

M. Green

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Water Leak – House Flooded

“A Thorough Professional Job. Very quick response. Had a major leak in the laundry area that was spreading through the whole house. Finally got it stopped. Next gen came over and their crew went to work right away. Got all the water up before it could do major damage.”

Kay Favati

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Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

“My husband and I contacted NextGen Restoration because we wanted to fix some fire damages in our kitchen. The service has been punctual and very efficient and we had both the worktops and the handles completely repaired and looking as they were brand new.

We strongly recommend NextGen Restoration!”

Sara B.

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Water Damage / Insurance

“Excellent thorough service Very Responsive – These guys came out right away when our washing machine flooded the house and went under the wood floors. They even used a wireless sensor system to show how much water was left in the walls as the house dried out. We could even go online and look at the read outs. The insurance company accepted their revised estimates, which were much more in line with the real cost than what the insurance company originally quoted. They helped us a lot and did a very thorough and professional job. We had almost no mold coverage in our policy, but did not need it since they did the job right the first time. I have heard from friends about getting a company to come in cheap and try to dry out their flood, but later they had big mold problems because the original job was not done right. These guys really seemed to know what they were doing and had good people and the right equipment to find the water hidden in the wall, with some type of advanced scanner, then keep a record, through a third party monitoring company, to prove the conditions and the result. They really helped us a lot. Helped us get lots more in settlement dollars from our insurance company, too. Which was much more fair and closer to the real costs.”


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Emergency Water Damage

Very Professional, Friendly and Knowledgeable.

“Called for emergency water damage and was pleased with the level of service I received. The staff was professional, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable. They continued to communicate with me and kept me up to date with what was happening so I didn’t have to chase them down! It was great to have them and would STRONGLY recommend them to anyone including my family and friends.‎”


Janis Dridel

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Restoration – Water Damage

“Very Pleased with the results. I would recommend using NextGen over any other service. They are very professional and answered all my questions in and easy to understand way. The quality of service I received and the results were great.

They serviced my home a months and months ago, I just got around to finally writing the review. Thanks Next Gen!”

Kim Anderson

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Water Damage and Mold Remediation

“A Quality Business that has the customer’s interest 1st. I highly recommend NextGen Restoration.

I am delighted with the service I received from the professional staff at NextGen Restoration. I had water damage in my home and they cleaned up my damage and dried out my house. I really appreciated that they dried my house out so that I had so little mold remediation was needed.”

Ginger RJ

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Water Mitigation Restoration

“Very knowledgeable about what they were doing and kept us in the loop. We were very impressed with everything after Next Gen was done as well.
It didn’t look like anything bad had happened at all.
Thank you!”

Robert & Sharon Wright

Water Damage Remediation

“Very kind, and the office staff was very courteous and always took the time to answer any and all questions we had.
We couldn’t have asked for a better company in such a time of crisis!”

Sergio & Jackie Cappelluti

Water Damage Job

“NextGen was definitely memorable and I will be referring people to them in the future. They are dedicated to the work, but don’t neglect the people. I appreciate everything NextGen did for me. Thanks NextGen!!”


Water Damage Job
“The technicians were very courteous, professional, and dedicated in our time of need. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.”

Raymond from Tampa

Restoration Job

Thank you, NextGen, for all your help and being so professional and kind.

Amy Menna

Water Damage Job

“NextGen was very professional and polite.  They explained things in layman’s terms, and made sure I was up-to-date with everything they were doing.Thanks so much NextGen.”

Ed Garcia

Restoration Job

“NextGen was so fantastic! They came in, fixed my problem, and was gone in a professional and speedy manner.”

Alex R., Tampa FL