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Water Damage Repair

What is Water Damage and What causes Water Damage?

This question is very important is one that every property owner should know. Because there are many types of water damage as well as causes, NextGen Restoration makes sure our clients know the right questions to ask AND what the correct answers are! Causes for water damage can include strong and severe weather like flooding caused by major storms, leaking pipes, and even equipment malfunction. But no matter what the cause is, the problem with water damage is that after the emergency is over, evidence of water damage is not always easy to see. Many home owners look only on the outside of walls, flooring, and other areas – and because this outer layer may appear to be in tact, they take no further action. Failing to look behind the exterior of areas affected by water damage means that moisture and wetness can remain un-adressed. This can lead to more serious issues, like mold damage repair or mold remediation, and even worse! If you have had a recent issue with water damage Tampa, then call NextGen Restoration today. Don’t wait until it is too late… save time, money, and frustration with the experts at NextGen Restoration.



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