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Need Estimation after Fire, Mold or Water Damage for an Insurance Claim?

Did your insurance company send a vendor / contractor then gave you a check for the restoration? Did you have water damage, mold or fire damage recently?

As a leader in the industry and experienced restoration contractor, we have the knowledge and skills to restore your home after a disaster.  We can review the repairs required and make sure the scope of work is correct and provide complete restoration services.

What Every Homeowner Should Know

Was Your Structure Left Wet?

Properly drying of a structure is extremely important. If it’s not dry, mold can grow unseen for months and the health hazards associated with mold exposure can be staggering. If you are being told it only takes 3 days to dry,  you need a second opinion.

What are Preferred Vendors?

Your insurance company will often suggest you use one of their preferred vendors to do the restoration work. Be careful, you need to understand  preferred vendor programs, and what insurance companies promise them in return.

What to Do for Water Damage

Here are some tips on what to do when you have water damage and the things you should not do. Some are just common sense but in a crisis, many people end up doing something that can cause more damage or be extremely dangerous.

State Farm Case is Eye Opening

Learn one policy holder’s experience with insurance and their preferred vendors.
The couple sued State Farm Insurance and two other companies their home was water damaged and mold developed.

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