Hi, I’m David Sweet with NextGen Restoration, and I want to answer a question that we get frequently. Most folks wonder, is my water damage large enough to require the intervention of a professional Tampa water damage company?

Truth of matter is you can’t really know. Often a lot of water damages, they seem fairly small, AC leaks and little plumbing leaks seem tiny, until you get a professional water damage company that has the tools and technology to be able to get out and actually scope the entire length and breadth of what’s happening. Not unusual at all for a tiny little discharge from an air-conditioner to run two or three rooms and carry with it its category three, or grossly
contaminated water. A little bitty sink overflow can actually run multiple rooms as well.

However, you’ll never know this unless you call a qualified water damage company that can come out and take a look at it for you, like at NextGen Restoration, we have the thermal imaging cameras, and the penetrating and non-penetrating moisture meters necessary to know exactly where you’re wet, and then we have the ability to take, monitor those environments, using dehumidification and other equipment, to take it from wet to dry standard,
in a way that we’ll ensure that there is no secondary damage, and properly document it so that your insurance company will pay for it.

I am David Sweet with NextGen Restoration, your certified water damage restoration expert.

Thank You.