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Does Your Home Contain Chinese Drywall?

Nearly five hundred million pounds of the Chinese sheet-rock that was used to repair damaged homes were defective and contained harmful toxins. Today, there is a nationwide ban on the use of Chinese drywall and homes that currently contain this material must be reconstructed and all of this drywall must be removed to prevent health hazards.

Home Restoration Tampa

Removing all of the water and water-related damage as soon as possible after a flood or fire is critical. Most people don't have the know-how or equipment to tackle this daunting task themselves, so they call a water restoration company to do the job. Most restoration companies do a thorough job, however, there are some whose results are less than acceptable.

Why It’s Important to Hire a Fire and Water Restoration Professional

It has probably happened, at least once, to every homeowner....water damage. Some have even suffered fire damage. It's a devastating experience as it causes financial and personal burdens. It is extremely crucial that you contact a professional fire or water restoration company to if you [...]