It has probably happened, at least once, to every homeowner….water damage. Some have even suffered fire damage. It’s a devastating experience as it causes financial and personal burdens. It is extremely crucial that you contact a professional fire or water restoration company to if you have suffered either of these losses. Attempting to clean it up yourself can not only be costly, but also dangerous.

Why is it important to hire a fire and water restoration professional?

Professionals know exactly what they are doing. They have several years of experience and certifications behind them, giving them the upper hand in assessing and finding the damage. If you try to do this on your own, you’ll end up spending countless hours trying to figure it all out and still not come close to solving the problem. Fire and Water Damage Restoration professionals have teams of experienced technicians that arrive at your home or office within hours to size up the damage and create an effective plan to have your structure restored quickly and correctly.

Professionals have specialized equipment that the rest of us don’t. Depending on the amount, size and type of damage, the restoration specialists may need to use commercial chemicals like ozone in order to treat smoke damage, along with several other resources to resolve the problem. If you have significant water damage, they have powerful machines at their disposal, such as water pumps, dehumidifiers, blowers, and more in order to minimize the damage caused by water and to fight mold and mildew. In the end, the cost of hiring a professional restoration specialist far out-weights the cost of the damage should you try to clean it up yourself or do nothing at all.

Insurance companies will recommend hiring a professional restoration company. In fact, most insurance companies will not even accept your claim unless you have an estimate from a professional restoration company. The restoration service you hire will almost always help you with working with your claims adjuster, as well as filling out the insurance form with their information.

This also helps you get the full pay-out on your claim. If you attempt to assess the damage yourself, you run the risk of claiming a lower estimate. A professional restoration service knows how to figure the amount of damage and the costs associated with it in order to help give you the largest possible payment you’re entitled to from your insurance company.

You will have the peace of mind in knowing you have hired an experienced and knowledgeable company. A professional fire and water restoration company has the experience and equipment to get the job done correctly, efficiently and quickly, minimizing further damage and cost to you.
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