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Sewage Cleanup and Water Damage

We would all agree that cleaning up after a toilet overflows has to be the worst. Not all water damage incidents are the same however. Did you know that the water from water damage is actually categorized? The scary part is even clean category 1 water can quickly become category 3, which is toxic.  A professional can handle the cleanup and restore your home, no mater how bad it looks right now.

Below are the categories of water you should be familiar with.


Clean Water

Clean water is usually the result of a broken pipe, broken water line to the washer or overflowing bathtub. It’s not dangerous to begin with but within 48 hours it can turn into category 2 water.


Grey Water

Grey water is considered contaminated, but does not contain fecal matter and could be the result of waste water from showers, dishwashers or sinks. Grey water can become black water if not cleaned up in 48 hours.


Black Water

Black water is hazardous and contains disease causing toxins and microorganisms. Usually a result of a flood or water that contains raw sewage from an overflowing toilet. Both category 1 and 2 water can quickly become category 3.