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We are certified mold and moisture experts with over 20 years experience in handling the toughest mold and moisture problems. We are recognized leaders in the industry and can deliver outstanding results for both our residential and commercial clients.

Properly performing mold removal and remediation must be done by someone that is highly trained. Containment and air control, with the ability to eliminate loose particulate from entering into other rooms, or entering your central air, is the difference between keeping your entire home safe, or cross contaminating the structure and making the issue worse.

Do you Need a Mold Test or Mold Inspection?

An onsite mold and moisture inspection by a qualified professional is much more effective in determining if a mold problem exists.

The truth is every home has small amounts of mold, it’s part of our environment. Mold becomes a problem when there’s excess moisture that can promote mold growth. Mold starts to grow within 48 hours and fast action is required to prevent it from spreading. Mold testing can be helpful, but it’s only required in certain circumstances.

If we do find mold, we can provide appropriate mold sampling, remediation plans and estimates for required remediation activities.

Visual Mold Inspection

An onsite mold inspection provides a lot of value.

Understanding Mold Tests and Sampling

It surprises some customers, but we only suggest mold testing under certain conditions. If you can see mold, you don’t necessarily need mold sampling to confirm you have mold. Where you may need sampling to determine how far it has spread and what items have been affected.

If circumstances do warrant mold tests, our trained technician will explain the necessity of the sampling, create sampling and chain of custody procedures and then expedite them to a third-party independent lab for analysis. This prevents any conflict of interest and ensures legitimacy.

Once lab results return, our consultant will provide you with an in-depth interpretation of the results.  Formal reports and remediation work plans are available upon request.

Mold Samples sent to 3rd Party Laboratory

Common Tests:
Mold Sampling /  Air Quality Testing  / Lead Testing / Asbestos Testing / Silica Testing

When to Mold Test

Below are the conditions where mold testing is helpful.

Our Mold Inspections include Certified Dry Check, a Moisture Inspection for your home to ensure it's safe and healthy

Making sure your home doesn’t have excessive moisture is critical to preventing mold, that’s why with every visual on site mold inspection, we automatically perform a Dry Check Inspection.  Never worry that your home has hidden moisture that can allow mold to grow.

Why Our Advanced Technology Detects Moisture Better than Other Companies

We use innovative technology to ensure excess moisture has been eliminated to prevent the mold from returning.

D.A.M.P. (Deep Assembly Moisture Profiling) utilizes small penetrating electronic sensors that are 6x more accurate than traditional methods and can detect moisture deep inside the wall assembly, including the wood framing and insulation.  The data is collected, automatically documented and easily viewed and monitored in real time during the drying process.

Many water damage and mold remediation companies still rely solely on inadequate non-penetrating moisture meters and infrared cameras that can only read the surface and partially into the drywall.

Our technology can provide the assurance that moisture issues have been fixed.

DAMP Home Moisture Testing to Prevent Mold

Complete Mold Remediation Services by Certified Experts

Visual Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection

A visual inspection determines if you have mold and how much area is affected. If mold or excessive moisture is found, we will supply a no obligation estimate and go over the steps needed to complete the project and return your home to pre-loss condition. Direct insurance billing available for claims.

mold cleanup and removal

Mold Removal

If mold is caught early you can prevent further damage, but action needs to be taken quickly.  Keeping the mold spores from becoming airborne is extremely important. Our techs will seal off the area and set up negative pressure then treat the area to prevent spreading mold spores.

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is the process of removing the materials that have been damaged by mold and need to be replaced. Most often this can be carpet, padding, wood flooring, drywall or cabinets. This involves some tear out and demolition, but it is limited to only the damaged areas.

Restoration Contractor Rebuild Repair

Repair & Restore

Once the mold issue is fixed, we start to restore damaged areas if repairs are needed. As a Licensed Florida State Contractor we can repair and rebuild for complete restoration. Unlike most mold removal companies, we handle every phase of the project. One call does it all.

Frequently Asked Mold Questions

When you hear the term ‘black mold” it refers to Stachybotrys chartarum and it is but one of many molds that can have chemicals that are both cancer causing and allergenic.  As we discussed earlier, many people in this industry use it as a fear tactic to make people panic. Don’t be scared by claims of toxic black mold. In order to be able to address it, you need to have a properly educated and experienced assessor to determine what you have and put together a remediation protocol for it that meets current standards and is guaranteed to produce the results you expect. The good news is it can be taken care of and after the work has been completed a test can be performed to show your home is safe.

If you are suffering from headaches, nausea, and/or sinus infections, no, you are not out of your mind! It definitely could be due to mold exposure. Exposure to elevated levels of mold growth can produce a variety of health issues for you, your family or staff. Additionally, your immune system may respond entirely different than others in your household or workplace.

Now, imagine a fruit tree in a hurricane…. got that picture? Well, if you disturb mold without a controlled containment, millions, and possibly billions of spores can be released into the air. If you see the evidence of mold growth, do not remove the contaminated materials or the problem could become much larger. We don’t want that! That’s why we take the removal of mold very seriously.

The removal process is highly dependent upon the size of the area affected. If the mold is still safely inside of a contained area such as a wall, we erect a safe barrier to prevent the spread of mold spores. This usually means the process can be completed in under a week. However, if the mold has been disturbed, or we discover it has spread into previously unseen areas, this of course, will add some more time to safely address the issue. Your air quality and safety is very important to us.

If you’ve recently had water damage and were told it was dry, but now it smells musty, chances are your assemblies and material are still wet. It takes on average 7 to 15 days to dry most structures. We specialize in this type of mold issues.

There are chemicals, cleaners, fogs and sprays that promise to rid your home of mold. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) produces and maintains a consensus-based standard and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wrote a remediation guideline. The IICRC states that vapor based antimicrobials have not been shown to be able to effectively and safely be used for mold remediation.

Traditional mold remediation done correctly is not inexpensive. Just the sampling and clearance tests can generally exceed $500.00 each.

Proper mold removal requires complex procedures. Negative-pressure containment must be erected, all affected porous and non-structural semi-porous materials be removed, and all remaining surfaces must be hand-cleaned or media-blasted. Does it sound exhausting? It is! This process creates significant demolition, waste and labor hours. But don’t worry – your project will be discussed in detail with you before any costs are incurred to ensure you are comfortable before we begin any work on your property.

Mold Remediation standards are important to maintain a safe environment for our crews & the homeowner alike. Even the State of Florida agrees!

With practices and procedures based upon the IICRC’s S520 Standard for Professional Mold Remediation, we take great care to remove the source of contamination in a structure only when it is truly necessary.

We also can be sure of our work product by following standards – we know what to expect, every time.

YES! We provide INDEPENDENT, 3rd-party documentation that your structure was not cross-contaminated and has been returned to a safe living environment through an Indoor Environmental Professional. This individual, hired from an outside firm, will use the appropriate testing procedures for your structure, ensuring your health, safety and protecting the value of your structure.

NOTE: Many of the terms are interchangeable but Mold Removal, Mold Remediation, Mold abatement and Mold Mitigation are all terms that basically mean cleaning up the mold in a structure. 

We use the state of the art equipment, with advanced testing procedures and monitoring to ensure the job is done right. We’ve served the Tampa Bay area for over 20 years with a team that’s certified by IICRC, ACAC, OSHA, EPA, and we are State of Florida Licensed Contractors.

It cost less to do the job right the first time!

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