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Water Damage Restoration

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Is Your Water Damage Company Using this New Technology for Moisture Detection?

Many water damage restoration companies claim they use the latest technology but still only rely on inadequate non-penetrating moisture meters and infrared cameras to determine if a structure is dry.

We use a new innovative technology that utilizes a series of small penetrating electronic moisture sensors that detects moisture levels deep inside your wall assembly, including inside your wood framing.

Making sure the excess moisture has been dried after water damage is the key to preventing mold growth. Learn More about DAMP

Accurate Moisture Detection Tools

NextGen Restoration Services

If you need water extraction and mitigation services due to a burst pipe, roof leak, or backed-up drain line, NextGen’s team will be dispatched in minutes to respond to your water damage emergency. We’re available 24 hours / 7 days a week.

Mold can damage your home and cause a variety of health problems. Our certified techs conduct an on site visual inspection and accurately determine the cause of the mold. If mold testing is required, samples are sent to an independent 3rd party lab for transparency.

Mold removal and remediation services is our specialty. Mold can develop in areas that have been exposed to water from flooding, leaks or high humidity. Mold can be a health hazard and very damaging to building materials and property.

Fire & Smoke Restoration

You should only entrust your fire damage restoration to certified professionals. The NextGen Restoration team is proud to be  one of the selected Tampa Master Water and Smoke Restorers certified by IICRC!

We handle every phase of the project. As licensed State of Florida Contractors, we can rebuild and repair the damaged areas as needed. Our goal is to restore your home to pre-loss condition.

Restoration Consultant

With our experience, knowledge and certification level, we provide restoration consulting and expert witness testimony in cases that are in litigation and involve water damage, mold and structural drying.

Restoration Company that's on YOUR SIDE!

Is Your Structure Dry?

Properly drying of a structure is extremely important. If it’s not dry, mold can grow unseen for months and the health hazards associated with mold exposure can be staggering. If you’re told it only takes 3 days to dry,  you need a second opinion.

What's a Preferred Vendor?

Your insurance company might suggest you use one of their preferred vendors to do the estimation and restoration work. Be careful, you need to understand  preferred vendor programs, and what insurance companies promise them in return.

Free Dry Check Consult

We specialize in innovative technology that can find hidden moisture in structures that other companies miss. Don’t wait to see if a problem develops, we can help you avoid costly repairs by making sure your structure reached Dry Standard.

Who You Choose for Water Damage Restoration is Important

We specialize in homes that have been water damaged and left wet by other companies and mold developed. That’s right, when a job is suspect of not being done correctly, we’re the experts that are brought in to review the work done by other contractors. Our innovative technology, plus our knowledge and experience in structural drying, gives us the ability to deliver superior results.

Independent Restoration Contractor

We work for you and will do the job right the first time, we don't cut corners and have the track record to prove it. We guarantee that we have no hidden agreements with your carrier. Our goal is restoring to pre-loss condition at a fair price.

Hi-Tech Penetrating Moisture Meters

We use deep penetrating electronic sensors to detect moisture inside the walls, Deep Assembly Moisture Profiling, an innovative approach that can accurately detect moisture up to 7x more accurately than traditional moisture meters.

Drying Times Based on Conditions & Materials

Our superior technology and advanced system accurately determines when a structure has reached Dry Standard. We provide advanced documentation and electronic sensor data of the drying process for you and your insurance adjuster. If you were told 3 to 5 days of drying, you might be joining the list of many jobs that we re-dry for homeowners that developed mold after water damage.

Insurance Ready Documentation

Documentation for insurance claims is crucial, we provide comprehensive professional reports. With our innovative sensor technology and software we provide documentation that is above reproach, helping to expedite your claim.

24/7 Remote Job Monitoring

We remotely monitor the job 24/7, an alert system notifies us of any problems in drying conditions or equipment performance. Remote login for customer and adjuster to see job status 24/7 while automatically documenting the data.

Advanced Certifications & Training

NextGen is Master IICRC certified and nationally recognized by clients and peers for our commitment to excellence. Our team is currently certified by IICRC, ACAC, OSHA, EPA, and the State of Florida. Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

Over 20 Years Experience

Our COO (David Sweet) is a nationwide trainer and consultant in the industry with over 20 years experience as well as an innovator in restoration technology. It’s rare to find this advanced level of experience, training and industry certifications. We take on the tough jobs that other restoration companies won't and specialize in cases where structures were not dried properly the first time by contractors.

Registered 3rd Party Evaluator

With our extensive training and experience we are a Registered 3rd Party Evaluator, providing peer reviews and consulting to both consumers and industry professionals on all aspects of water damage restoration and mold remediation.

NextGen Restoration is the best choice to perform water damage restoration, mold removal, remediation, abatement or mitigation.

We serve the greater Tampa Bay area, including Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk, and Pasco County and have a full range of services to help you repair and restore your property after water, fire, mold, or leak damage occurs. Nextgen Restoration is fully licensed, bonded and holds many master level certifications through IICRC. As a State of Florida licensed contractor we can rebuild and repair your home to restore you to pre-loss condition.