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Mold Remediation in Tampa

NextGen Restoration is the premier provider of mold remediation service in Tampa, Florida. Trust our team to handle mold problems in your property so you can enjoy a safe home environment after a hurricane or flood.

Caring for Your Family’s Health

Mold exposure can cause mild to severe health problems, such as headaches, sinusitis, nausea, and lung infection. Don’t let your family’s health be at risk. Call us so we can immediately extract the water inside your property and prevent mold infestation. Molds grow and multiply in areas with excessive moisture. Your water-damaged home is a good breeding spot for molds. Trying to remove mold yourself can be dangerous. Disturbing them without a controlled containment might only prompt them to release billions of spores.

How Mold Remediation Works

Your safety is our priority. We make every effort to finish the mold remediation process as quickly as possible so you can go back to your normal life – without the presence of molds. The process, however, depends on the size of the infested area. We use effective methods and materials to prevent the spread of spores in the entire property. We focus on keeping the quality of our remediation service to make sure mold infestation won’t reoccur in your home.

A Cost Effective Option

Any improvement done with your home may equate cost. Mold remediation is a complicated process that requires the use of high quality barriers, negative pressure containments, and other related materials. It may also call for minimal demolition. When you work with NextGen Restoration, you can be sure you’re paying the right amount for the right service. We provide honest estimates before we start working on your property.

Reliable Service for Everyone

The State of Florida agrees that proper remediation is important to maintain a safe home environment. We perform our procedures based on IICRC’s S520 Standard for Professional Mold Remediation, so you can be sure about the quality of our work. We provide independent, third party documentation to prove that your home is mold-free after the service. The clearance test we perform after a remediation service allows us to assess our work before we leave our customers’ property.

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