Has Your Tampa Home Been Restored Properly? – Home Restoration Tampa

Removing all of the water and water-related damage as soon as possible after a flood or fire is critical. Most people don’t have the know-how or equipment to tackle this daunting task themselves, so they call a home restoration Tampa specialist, or a water restoration company to do the job. Most restoration companies do a thorough job, however, there are some whose results are less than acceptable. What do you do then? Did you know that there is now technology that will detect moisture that is hidden deep in the walls but only a handful of restoration companies use these tools?

You already have the headache of dealing with your insurance company when you file a claim. You don’t want, or need, to deal with a water restoration company that has not done the job properly. Your only choice is to do a thorough inspection of your home and note, in as much detail as possible, where there is still damage or residual water. Your next, and most important, step is to call a licensed and certified restoration company in Tampa like NextGen.

NextGen Restoration will use advanced deep penetrating sensors to be sure they find moisture deep in your walls, your ceiling, your insulation, and your flooring. Once they have found the problem areas, they will use commercial equipment, such as a high caliber vacuum to remove excess water, and other equipment to eliminate and prevent mold from forming.

A major issue with having to hire a second water restoration company is that you will end up having to file another claim with your insurance company. This is not a task you should do alone. Your chances of getting much accomplished is pretty slim, unless you have the services of NextGen Restoration. They will work on your behalf to get all of the necessary paperwork completed and filed, so you have one less issue to deal with.

Water damage is not something you should take lightly. If it’s not done right the first time, you could be faced with serious damage to the structure of your home, which could cost a fortune. Hire the right company the first time, to avoid costly errors.

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