Chinese drywall was used during the rebuilding in states like Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida after the horrific hurricanes in 2005. Nearly five hundred million pounds of the Chinese sheet-rock that was used to repair damaged homes were defective and contained harmful toxins. Today, there is a nationwide ban on the use of Chinese drywall and homes that currently contain this material must be reconstructed and all of this drywall must be removed to prevent health hazards.

Why is Chinese Drywall a Problem?

State health departments tested this Chinese gypsum board (sheet-rock) and found that they contain large amounts of sulfuric and organic compounds, which are in higher concentration than American made drywall. The samples that were tested also contained high amounts of strontium sulfide, which gives off a sulfurous odor. This odor is a major health risk.

How to Tell If You Have Defective Drywall

  1. The sulfurous odor is constant.
  1. All metal materials that come in contact with this drywall will corrode, especially copper. All wiring in the walls will corrode, as well. The corrosion will be black.
  2. Your appliances and electronics will begin to fail for no apparent reason.
  1. If the drywall in your home is newer than 2001, there is a chance it is toxic sheet-rock from China.
  1. Close inspection of your drywall will show Chinese lettering or markings.
  2. An inspection of Chinese drywall will show evidence of toxins. Only a trained technician can find these toxins.

What To Do If You Have Toxic Drywall?

If you have drywall that was installed after 2001, it’s likely you have Chinese drywall, and it may be toxic. Your fist step is to call a professional restoration company like NextGen Restoration to do a thorough inspection of your drywall. They will use specialized tools to determine if your drywall was made in China and if there are any toxic properties.

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