Hiring a contractor for any repair, remodeling or home restoration project can be confusing if you aren’t informed about what qualifications and experience they have to have. It’s critical that homeowners fully know what questions to ask when looking for a contractor. NextGen Restoration is a leader in repair and restoration services, with highly skilled and extensive training in all aspects of remodeling, repair and restoration.

Below is a list of crucial questions you need to ask the contractor you’re considering hiring for your next home repair, home remodeling or home restoration project. If you follow this list of helpful questions, hiring the right contractor will be simple and you will have a repair, remodeling or home restoration job done that is professional and done right the first time.

  1. Can you show me a copy of your roofing license?
  1. Do you have both Workman Compensation and Liability Insurance?
  1. Can I have a list of referrals to contact and homes we can see?
  1. Do you guarantee your in writing?
  1. Do you use high quality materials and equipment? What are they & what do they do?
  1. Do your employees wear company uniforms?
  1. Do you do a thorough clean-up? What is your process?
  1. Do you offer a warranty and follow up services?
  1. Is there constant on site supervision during your projects?
  1. What is your Better Business Bureau rating? Can I get a copy of it?
  1. Have you won any awards or been recognized as a quality leader by the industry?
  1. Can you explain the reconstruction/restoration/remodeling process to me?

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