Do you know the difference between Moisture Intrusion and Water Damage?

Most of us can’t tell the difference and to the untrained eye, the difference is hard to detect. Any home or other building that has moisture intrusion for a long period of time will face water damage issues that become expensive to repair. NextGen has a team of expertly trained technicians who can easily detect and remove all water damage safely and quickly.

Your home could have leaks that you can’t see. The leaks can cause damage above ceilings, behind the walls and under your flooring before you even know it’s there. This unseen moisture causes mold and wood rot to the frame of your home, which causes instability to the overall structure.

Drywall ceilings and walls can hide moisture for months before it begins to become visible. It looks like a stain and eventually begins to break down the drywall. As this is happening, the insulation is breaking down, as well as growing fungus. The drywall will degrade and lose strength and build fungus. The wiring and fixtures in your home will develop problems such as disintegration and fire hazards by shorting out. Flooring damage will be evident sooner than drywall damage. You will see the warping of your hardwood floors or see stains on your carpet, which will begin to cause a musty odor throughout your home. Vinyl and tile flooring damage also hides longer than your typical wood floors and carpeting.

Water damage restoration companies use different devices to detect moisture. The most popular devices is a thermal moisture meter . It locates moisture intrusion issues behind the walls without taking the walls down. The infrared camera on the device sees the “thermal signature” of hidden water and damage to your insulation in your walls, ceiling and flooring. A trained and certified Thermographer will be able to tell where the unseen problems are with thermal imaging and can use other specialized equipment to completely and quickly remove the water while preventing more structural damage and mold.

Thermal imaging is an invaluable tool to for seeking out hidden water and quickly repairing the damage before it becomes worse and more costly.  Keep in mind that a thermal moisture meter is not going to find the actual moisture level, it is only a tool to help detect moisture that is near the the surface of the wall. Although moisture meters are great, NextGen Restoration uses deep penetrating moisture sensors to ensure even moisture that is hidden deep in the wall can be detected. NextGen specializes in finding hidden moisture and eliminating it as well as checking for  water damage on surrounding surfaces, such as insulation, carpet, walls, and flooring and that they are replaced right away.

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