No one is ever prepared for a fire in their home. When it happens, you’re faced with the lingering effects of smoke and fire damage, and that can be devastating to both your home and your emotions. Almost everyone has homeowner’s insurance to cover the repair and restoration of fire and smoke damage; if you don’t, get it now, before you are faced with this issue. Even if your personal belongings are salvageable, there is still smoke and water damage. With homeowner’s insurance and the right fire damage restoration company, you are more likely to be able to replace and restore your home back to pre-loss status.

NextGen is Your Fire Damage Tampa Expert

Both homeowners and renters throughout Tampa can be faced with a fire and the loss is just as traumatic no matter if you’ve lost your entire home or if you have lost the contents of your home. The smoke damage alone can be a huge issue and most insurance claims are filed because of the damage done by smoke damage. The outside of your home may have no, or very little, damage caused by the fire itself, while on the inside, nearly everything is lost because of the damage caused by the smoke. NextGen Restoration is an expert in fire and smoke damage restoration. They can do a thorough clean-up of any and all damage from debris from the fire, to the soot and odor from the smoke. Removing the smoke odors is crucial because the smells linger for years and there are health hazards attached.

By hiring NextGen Restoration, you are assured that you will have your home properly restored to pre-loss condition, as well as an advocate when you are dealing with insurance adjusters. They will work on your behalf and help you file your claim so your receive the maximum amount you’re entitled to on your claim. You will need the professionalism and experience of NextGen Restoration to remove soot and odors from all of the porous items in your home that holds onto smoke. They will clean out all of the residual damage such as rubble, wood, drywall, etc. from the fire itself. Once the dangerous and damaged items are removed, the restoration can begin.

Talk to the highly trained experts at NextGen Restoration right away. Get your life back together after a fire and let NextGen handle all of the tough rules and regulations surrounding insurance claims. 813-962-6855