Hi, this is David Sweet with NextGen Restoration, a Tampa water damage restoration company. We wanted to answer another question for you today, that we hear frequently.

Can I use my own Tampa water damage restoration contractor? The short answer is, yes, you absolutely can. Frequently we’ll find, however, that when you call a claim in to an insurance company who is very friendly and very helpful will want to take and refer to you a water damage restoration company that can take care of your issues.

You need to be aware that more often than not, this is a water damage company contracted directly with the insurance company, who has agreed to the insurance company’s provisions, contract, limitations, and really does, instead of working directly for you, work for the carrier.

If you call us at NextGen Restoration, however, we work for you. We have no other interests outside of yours, and our single and sole goal is to ensure that we take of your needs and return your structure to its pre-loss condition.

I’m David Sweet. Give us a call at NextGen Restoration, and lets help with your water damage restoration emergency today!

Thank You.