New Lead Law

It’s the Law! The new Federal lead law requires that individuals receive certain information before renovating more than six square feet of painted surfaces in a room for interior projects or more than twenty square feet of painted surfaces for exterior projects or window replacement [...]

New Antimicrobial Solutions BIOSAFE and HM4100

BIOSAFE, Inc. has announced that it has registered with the USEPA two new water-based antimicrobial solutions and entered into a commercialization agreement with Kentucky-based Union Springs Pharmaceuticals to market products containing BIOSAFE’s patented and exclusive antimicrobial polymer, HM4100. The unique and effective antimicrobial technology safely [...]

Water Damage – What To Do!

Water Damage Emergency Services with Quick Response Team. Available 24 hours / 7 days / 365 days a year. We are here to clean up the water damage with quality. Always require drying records and reporting from your restoration company that includes thorough, accurate, detailed records proving the most stubborn to dry places in your home are dry and call NextGen 813-962-6855

Chicago Violates New EPA Lead Standards

Federal environmental regulators today declared that Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood violates tough new EPA lead standards which place limits on brain-damaging lead in the air, part of a crackdown on polluters in the predominantly Latino, low-income enclave. After monitoring lead pollution in the neighborhood for more [...]

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