Has your water heater, dishwasher, sink or Air Conditioner flooded you out? Or maybe you suspect you have mold or lead in your home? Have you suffered fire damage? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to hire a certified expert from NextGen Restoration.

NextGen Restoration is the only company you will ever need for all disaster restoration!

Water damage in your home or business can cause a lot of damage, and much of it remains hidden in the form of mold or bacterial damage behind the walls, under floors, in the rafters and trapped under the carpets. Aside from the structural damage to your home, it can also pose dangers to your health. Mold spores, when inhaled, can cause all types of respiratory problems. Bacteria (from sewer backups and septic system overflows) can cause life threatening infections. The damage to your home or business can become so severe that you can have wood rot and, after time, the concrete can even chip away and become unstable.

LIC# NAT-34462-1

LIC# NAT-34462-1

NextGen Restoration specialists are trained and certified in assessing and eliminating the visible damage and preventing future damage. They use specialized equipment such as commercial-grade water extractors (vacuums) specifically designed to get rid of water in the carpets, dehumidifiers to dry up the moisture throughout your structure, speciality equipment to dry wood floors, wall cavities and cabinets without removal and more. And when there is mold or bacterial damage, they have specialized mold testing and removal equipment. They are even licensed by the EPA (Lic. # NAT-34462-1 https://www.nextgenrestoration.com/florida/mold-testing)

Lead-based paint is a major health hazard. Until 1978, almost all interior and exterior paint contained lead. Many older homes still have lead-based paint on their walls. But the use of lead in building products still exists today in varnishes (on wood flooring), ceramic coatings (the color coat on ceramic tile) and other applications. These are all common materials that must be disturbed in water, fire and mold claims. Exposure to lead can cause respiratory problems, abdominal pain, flu-like symptoms, fatigue, and an array of other health issues. Many people have made the mistake of trying to remove lead-based paint themselves, not realizing that they are inhaling the dust and absorbing contaminants from the paint chips, which has a potential to make them sick. It is critical that home and business owners who reside or work in a structure that was built before 1978 hire a lead certified removal specialist like NextGen Restoration. They are trained and certified experts in finding and safely removing lead from your home or business.

Fire damage is devastating on so many levels. The costs can be insurmountable, especially when it takes months for your insurance to pay out. Much of the cost can be out-of-pocket. There is the cost of alternate lodging and, if you’re a business owner, there is the matter of lost revenue. Structural damage is not the only issue when a fire strikes. There is also smoke damage. Inhaling smoke is a health danger as it contains hundreds of know carcinogens, and the residual smoke gets in the carpets and walls and will not “just go away”. NextGen Restoration has personnel who are trained, qualified, and experienced in fire damage restoration. They use special equipment to remove and restore damaged contents, as well as specialized machines to remove all smoke residue from the structure.

Call NextGen Restoration if you have water, fire or lead damage! They are certified, trained, experienced and knowledgeable and will quickly and efficiently assess, clean and remove debris, damage and waste from your home or business. NextGen Restoration will also provide accurate estimates on cost and valuation to your carrier and will even help you submit your claim to your insurance company.

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