What do you do when water floods your home, office, garage, bathroom, kitchen or is soaking your furniture, damaging your walls and floors? The first thing you probably do is reduce the water and then fix the source of the problem. It sounds rather simple so why hire a professional crew to clean up the water damage?

Cleaning up water after a flood or leaking doesn’t guarantee that there won’t be any water damage that can have long lasting structural damage. What’s left after all the water’s  gone after soaking wet floors, carpets, furniture, walls and other fixtures in your house?  Anything that’s been soaked has to be dried out and this includes walls, sub-floors (below the carpeting or under the hardwood floor) is what you need a professional do to.  It’s quite a task to accomplish. If not done properly, you risk your house to more damage in the future such as mold growth, weakened beams, warped dry walls, dry rot, stained floors and many more.

Professional water removal service providers, sometimes referred to as “clean-up crews” are specifically trained in water removal techniques as well as in home restoration services, and can restore the affected parts of your house to their pre water damaged condition.  These companies offer both water removal service and drying, or “dry-out” services. NextGen Restoration is a professional restoration company that provides quality water removal service for any sort of water damage problems that may occur from leaking pipes in the walls to major flooding throughout the house.

Taking out the water could be done by just about anyone but you will need water removal specialists who can remove moisture from anything that gets wet. It’s easy to detect problems on the surface but most people can’t really see what’s underneath. How do you know when the floorboards are completely dry and don’t contain any damaging moisture? How do you know when the ceiling’s really dry after you fixed the leak in the bathroom upstairs? Detection and removal of moisture requires specialized equipment. Fact is, it typically takes more than 4 to 7 days to dry out structures. The longer it takes to dry, the more water damage will be on affected structures.

While most any professional water removal service will provide you with documentation to help make insurance claims a bit easier, NextGen goes the extra mile and actually serves on your behalf. It’s actually advisable to call us in as soon as the problem starts. You are responsible to prevent any further damage to your property or run the risk of your insurer holding you responsible for the water damage.  You can choose any water removal contractor you like, as no policy ever recommends any particular contractor. In fact, it’s against the law for any insurer to force you into getting services from any particular provider.

How can you choose the right water removal service? Firstly, a professional water clean-up crew can explain to you very clearly what has to be done to fix the problem. They should have the right equipment for moisture detection, water removal and for drying out structures. They should be able to provide you enough documentation on how much damage was present and on confirmation of water removal from structures. They should be able to explain to you the technology they are using and the results you are seeing from their equipment.

NextGen is the industry leader in quality not in the quantity of homes we serve.  We are specialists in ensuring our client, the homeowner is protected and the most valued possession is restored or improved upon, to it’s previous state.  Drying a structure is not as simple as making sure that the center of the wall is dry.  It’s making sure the densest parts of the wall & floor that is the last to dry.  THAT just makes sense right?   I mean would you mop your kitchen and leave the dirt in all the corners?  Of course not, it would build up with dirt and just continue to get dirtier and dirtier over time.  Same is you spilled a glass of milk on the floor.  You won’t just clean up the milk on the floor but leave the milk in corners!  Besides taking longer to dry, it would start to stink.  If it dried at all before the mold grew and the smells started to permeate your home.  Water damage and mold growth work the same way, so call NextGen Restoration as your professional before the damage from water is permanent and mold sets in leaving construction is the only option to repair.