When your faucet suddenly breaks and water spews all over the bathroom, you call the plumber to get the damage fixed. But, when you’re dealing with small drips under your sink, you wait another day or even weeks to repair the leak.

While it might not seem so bad in the beginning, these small problems can become too big for you to handle. When you realize it, you’re dealing with a major headache from all the damage and expenses that one simple leak has caused.

Monthly Water Expenses Increase

That dripping sink will affect your water bill. Tampa follows tiered water rates—the more water your household consumes, the higher you need to pay per unit. This includes wastewater due to leaks. Drips from a leaky faucet or sink can add up to a lot of money on your monthly water bill.

Water Leak Statistics:
The following shows the amount of water that can be lost for various size leaks.

Common water Loss examples:

Leaking Pipe @ 30 drips per second = 2 Gallons per Day
Leaking Pipe @ 60 drips per minute = 5 Gallons per Day
Leaking Pipe @ 120 drips per minute = 11 Gallons per Day

Typical Normal Water Uses:

1 Bath = 42 Gal
1 Shower = 17 Gal to 50 Gal
Wash 1 Load of Clothes = 45 Gal
Flush Toilet = 3 Gal

You can do your own calculations to determine water loss.

A Huge Amount of Water Goes to Waste

Instead of saving resources for extremely dry seasons, you’re letting all the water go to waste with a small leak in your bathroom or kitchen fixtures. For every drop of water from a leaky faucet or sink, you’re wasting gallons of water per day and when you multiply that by 30 days in a month, the number can get staggering.

Extensive Damage in Your Home

If you think that small leak will stay small, think again. The damage from the leak can extend to other parts of your home. Drips under your sink may cause the thin metal drains to rust over time or weaken the cabinet or floor. This will leave you with unnecessary and costly repairs later on.

Don’t let a simple leak turn into a big problem that affects the rest of your house. If you start seeing signs of leaks in your home, contact our experts for immediate water damage repair in Tampa. Our experts will take care of the problems and ensure your carpet, drywall, and floors remain in good condition.