Busted pipes are a problem that can turn living in your home into a nightmare. The water damages it can potentially cause range from weakened walls or foundations to thriving mold and mildew. Furthermore, the accumulation of water can become a breeding ground for bacteria and other unsafe organisms.

It’s important to move quickly and determine the extent of damage upon discovery of the problem. It would also help significantly if you were to report it immediately to us. We understand that this problem isn’t minor, so we provide a line of services that will alleviate the damage and restore the affected area. As part of the help we provide, here’s a rundown on the origins of the issue.

Using Low Quality Pipes

Water pipes should have the capacity to endure whatever environment they’re put in and withstand the pressure of water that will pass through, but there are poorly designed ones, which homeowners sometimes choose out of “practicality”. More practical homeowners shouldn’t just go for simple PVC and stainless steel pipes, as they spell expensive problems, especially if you’re not the kind of homeowner who checks things out on a regular basis.

Pressure Caused by Clogging

When an object gets trapped in one section of the piping system, it will obstruct the flow of water and put an enormous amount of pressure on the pipe. When the buildup of pressure persists, the pipes will start expanding and will eventually burst. Bursts can happen at any moment, especially if you don’t check your sewer line or your home’s entire water system regularly.

Drop in Temperature

Burst pipes are a common problem when temperatures drop. When the water reaches its freezing point, it expands until it breaks out of the pipe. Moreover, the ice can cause a blockage, and the continued conversion of water into ice and the arriving flow of water can increase pressure, which will eventually lead to bursting.

Busted pipes are a problem that you need to address as soon as you discover it. Give us a call and let’s get started on preventing burst pipes from ever becoming a problem in your home.