You know that mold thrives in damp and moist places. It’s normal to see it in the bathroom, basement, ceilings, windows, floors, and the area under the sink. But mold also hide in unexpected places, making it harder to notice and treat.

Mold can cause mild to serious diseases, so don’t let it invade your home. Think like fungus and check these unusual areas where it may be hiding:

Drip Pans

The drip pan is a rarely noticed place under the refrigerator that collects food and water spills, a perfect breeding ground for mold. Cleaning drip pans should be part of your weekly cleaning routine. Spray it with a hydrogen peroxide solution, which you can make by mixing one teaspoon of the substance with a cup of water. Then, wipe it clean using a rag soaked in white vinegar.

Front Loading-Washing Machines

While using a front-loading washing machine helps save water, it can attract mold inside the house. The gasket around the door often stays wet, as it is usually closed when not in use — providing an environment for mold to grow. Don’t forget to wipe the gasket and glass dry before shutting the door. Run a hot water wash using chlorine bleach to the area if you spot mold. This will kill the fungi.


Brick crevices collect dust, dirt, and other organic debris, while faulty flashing and rusted chimney caps let in water, encouraging mold to grow. This is why it’s important to inspect your chimney regularly. Look for signs of damage and deal with them immediately. Fix flashings, replace rusty caps, and clean the area thoroughly. Cleaning your chimney not only removes mold, but also helps it operate at peak performance.

There are other places in the house where mold may be hiding, so check every corner to eliminate the fungi. We suggest performing a mold assessment and remediation if you think many areas in your home has been infected by molds. Contact us today and let our team make your home fungi-free.