Trauma Cleanup

Trauma / Crime Scene / Death Cleanup Many people at some point in their life come face-to-face with an unpleasant situation that involves the discharge of bio-hazardous materials. This type of event is often referred to as "Traumatic". The phrase Trauma Cleanup is a somewhat [...]

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Expert Witness

Expert Witness Consulting and Testimony Water Damage / Mold Damage / Fire Damage / Lead Damage / Insurance Litigation Losses happen every day, and everything doesn't always go according to plan... Our company can not only help you with emergencies, but losses that may not [...]

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Chinese Drywall

What is "Chinese Drywall" anyway? While all the effects of "Chinese" or "odorous" drywall are still being uncovered, there is unanimous agreement that it is toxic, and harmful to both people and building materials. It's a misnomer that all of the affected drywall is from [...]

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Safe Lead Removal | EPA Lead Remediation

Was Your Home Built Before 1978? Did you know that you are required to assume that there is lead in the paint in any structure built prior to 1978? To be exact, the EPA says: "Under the rule, beginning April 22, 2010, contractors performing renovation, [...]

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EPA Lead Testing

Why is Lead Dangerous? Do you know if you have lead in your home or structure? Have occupants complained of fatigue or flu like symptoms that coincide with renovation work? Most consumers are not aware that lead is not just in paint. Lead is also [...]

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