You may see a water spot on your bedroom ceiling that could actually be entering through a roof leak 100 feet away. However, through the use of thermal imaging and other data-collecting devices, we can detect water unseen to the eye, and also find the entry point of water coming into your structure.

Remember, just because it looks dry, doesn’t mean that it is dry….

As part of our services, we not only can find where water is penetrating your structure, but we’ll provide you with images & high-quality documentation you can take straight to your insurance company to fix the problem.

We are certified & trained on our equipment by the industry-leading Infrared Training Center. With a Thermal Imaging camera, a technician can survey from floor to ceiling in just moments, producing images such as the one below. Our data can be put directly into DVD format, making our imaging services even more convenient for our clients.

Above: Is this closet dry? Look again – moisture (seen in purple) still remains trapped in the wall unseen… This is the type of water NextGen makes sure does not remain in your structure, as it can easily cause mold growth.

Consumer Tip: Mold CANNOT be detected through use of our thermal imaging equipment. Thermal Imaging Cameras only measure a differential change in the temperature of building materials, which MAY indicate the immediate presence of moisture. Mold behind walls can only be seen if the building materials are removed or its presence is already on the exterior. For more information on finding and removing mold, please visit our Mold Testing and Mold Remediation pages.