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Water Damage and Flood Damage Claims Denial

How To Avoid A Denial for Water Damage Claims You have water damage at your home. Did you know that you will almost certainly have insurance coverage for the water extraction, decontamination of materials and drying equipment necessary to dry your house. You should also [...]

Does Your Home Contain Chinese Drywall?

Nearly five hundred million pounds of the Chinese sheet-rock that was used to repair damaged homes were defective and contained harmful toxins. Today, there is a nationwide ban on the use of Chinese drywall and homes that currently contain this material must be reconstructed and all of this drywall must be removed to prevent health hazards.

Chinese Drywall

What is "Chinese Drywall" anyway? While all the effects of "Chinese" or "odorous" drywall are still being uncovered, there is unanimous agreement that it is toxic, and harmful to both people and building materials. It's a misnomer that all of the affected drywall is from [...]

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