Why is Lead Dangerous?

Do you know if you have lead in your home or structure? Have occupants complained of fatigue or flu like symptoms that coincide with renovation work?

Most consumers are not aware that lead is not just in paint. Lead is also in varnish and other coatings. Hardwood floors, wood walls, cabinets and other items may include lead. Even new cabinets (and sadly some children’s toys from China) have lead in the finishes!

Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, property manager or facilities manager, if you are responsible for renovations, the presence of lead is something you MUST know! Please be aware that most contractors will not check for lead in an effort to offer the lowest price; but at what cost? The health of the occupants?!

At NextGen Restoration, we offer a full and safe complement of services for all of your lead testing and surveying needs. They include:

How Does Nextgen Detect Lead Accurately?

NextGen offers same-day lead testing using a X-Ray Fluoroscopy Device. This device gives a 3rd-party verified determination and outputs its readings into reports, guaranteeing a litigation-proof final product.

Please note that very few contractors or inspectors are insured with E&O and liability insurance coverage for this type of work.

Please don’t confuse our professional service with a “swab test”. To have this device in your possession, it must be registered with the state of Florida, and background checks are necessary, as well as special training. It cannot be purchased without these qualifications being met.

For Contractors, Emergency Services Companies and other Remediators

NextGen offers 24-hour/same-day Lead Testing on your project or Emergency Service project. If NextGen is on your job, then you know you are in compliance with all state-mandated laws. We will also provide clearances when your work is done.

If your company remediates lead, then having NextGen on the job means there is no conflict of interest, and no endless recording-keeping. You do the work – we certify that it’s in compliance and complete.

Consider the benefits to both yourself and your client – we’re here to help!

Lead Testing for Property Sellers, Buyers and Landlords

If you’re a buyer or a seller, the benefit is clear. Controlling expenses and maintaining property values is of utmost importance. Just knowing what you are dealing with is half the battle.

Call NextGen at 813-962-6855 for immediate service for

Lead Sampling and Lead Testing.