Mold Testing & Sampling

Did you know that mold is ALWAYS present inside your home or business? That’s right – it’s a regular occupant! However, it should NEVER be alive & reproducing….

An issue only arises when a source of water begins to “feed” the mold. Just like any other plant or tree, given a regular dose of water & sunshine, it will grow and begin to spread. All mold needs is one leaky pipe and it will thrive.

Most people think of “moldy cheese” when they hear the word “mold”. It’s easy to avoid it by not eating it! However, in the picture on the right, this mold was hidden and growing for months behind cabinets unknown to the home owner. NextGen is trained on how to safely remove mold like this from your home. Samples can be taken to detect the presence of spores first before incurring the time & expense of removing your cabinetry.

If you suspect that you have mold growing in your home or business, samples of affected areas can be taken and sent to a laboratory to confirm the presence of elevated mold levels. Depending upon the size of your structure, a minimum of 2 samples are necessary – one is a control sample taken outside of your structure, and the second is taken inside at the suspected areas of mold growth. A comparison of the two will confirm if your inside air is contaminated.

With NextGen, you are in charge. You control the entire process. Call us today to set an appointment for sampling and we will send one of our trained & certified professionals to your home or business at your convenience. Once an issue is established, together, we’ll determine the right course of action to eliminate your issue.

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