Water Damage Cleanup in Tampa FL

Water damage cleanup and restoration 

is a technical and precise operation. It requires skill, meticulous care, and specialized equipment. We use thermal imaging, moisture mapping, and proprietary technology to get rid of all the water from your home or business, even hidden water!


Moisture Detection and Moisture Mapping

Moisture mapping is the process of determining the “wet” areas versus “not wet” areas in your home or business. This helps us focus the drying process. We use infrared thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters, and remote temperature / moisture sensors to locate and document exactly where concentrations of moisture exist in your home. If the source of the water leak is unknown, this process helps us determine where it is. We take comprehensive readings of your home and using specialized software, we can keep track of everything we find and what we do.

    • Moisture detection – we find all the wet areas!
    • Moisture mapping – what is “wet” versus what is “not wet”


  • Infrared thermal imaging cameras – finds temperature differences which can be seen graphically in a photo
  • Deep penetrating moisture meters – to confirm if moisture is present and measure it
  • Remote temperature / moisture sensors
  • Comprehensive readings using Deep Assessment Moisture Profiling (DAMP) – we find ALL MOISTURE in your home, even water other companies have missed!
  • We document EVERYTHING!

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Thermal Imaging

Water damage restoration companies generally use infrared thermal imaging devices, which locate moisture behind walls and in other hidden places without actually removing the walls or other structures. Thermal imaging is an invaluable tool for seeking out hidden water and allowing us to quickly repair damage before it gets worse. This imaging device requires a trained and certified thermographer who both knows where to look for hidden moisture and can readily interpret the data.

  • Infrared thermal imaging – we can see hidden water in your walls!
  • Certified Infrared Thermographers – trained by the Infrared Training Center 
  • Don’t let hidden moisture get the best of you – call the best water damage restoration company today!


Proprietary Technology

Water damage cleanup operations are not all created equal. NextGen Restoration uses innovative methods and technologies that most of our competitors don’t have access to! Using Deep Assembly Moisture Profiling (DAMP), we find ALL MOISTURE in your home, even water other companies have missed! We assess your water damage, find and document ALL evidence of increased moisture in your building, track the drying process, and confirm that all moisture has been returned to the materials dry standard.

  • Innovative methods
  • Ground-breaking equipment  
  • Proprietary Mitigation Software


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