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All testimonials appear with explicit permissions from the writers, our wonderful customers, and their names have been abbreviated in some cases to protect their identity. Please contact NextGen directly if you have any questions regarding any information printed on this page and we’d be happy to answer any questions.

To Whom It May Concern: I, Ester O., had the pleasure of working with David S, Leon C, John F and the very competent staff at NextGen Restoration this year when my washing machine created havoc in my life. The havoc started at approximately 1:30 in the morning. After the initial shock of what was happening, I looked in the yellow pages and found Adjuster Restoration Services also known as NextGen Restoration. Within an hour, Leon and John were at my home. They diligently worked very hard to help us get the remaining water out of our house and move the furniture somewhere safe. They were very professional in explaining the procedures that would be taking place and the documents needed to be signed in order to get my home in the condition that it was originally in. They were very comforting and kept us informed daily of what was going on and were there for moral support. The office staff was very professional and friendly every time we had to call the office for any reason. It was a struggle working with the adjusters and the insurance company but NextGen was always there supporting us and encouraging us. The whole experience was depressing and mentally draining but I am glad that GOD guided me to the yellow pages and put them in my view. My claim was finalized, I was paid, NextGen was paid and everything is back to normal. I thank GOD, NextGen, the staff and everyone involved that made this experience as painless as possible. A very grateful and satisfied customer, Ester O. Tampa, FL

Ester O.

After a water pipe burst in our home, we contacted our insurance company and were given the name of one of their “preferred providers” to do the water extraction. We were not impressed with their work. We contacted NextGen Restoration for an estimate on repairs to give to the insurance company. Upon NextGen’s arrival, they found that the initial drying, done by the “preferred provider” had not been done properly and that our home was still wet and now had mold. Our insurance company was notified, by NextGen, of the scope of the work needed to correct the problem their “preferred provider” had created.

We contracted with NextGen to dry the house and remediate the mold created/left by the other company. They immediately began the work and shortly after that, the insurance company denied our claim. NextGen continued their work, aware of the denial, and finished drying the house. A hygienist confirmed that the mold was indeed present, at which point we had to move out of our home. Together with NextGen, we reached an agreement for the mold remediation, so we could move back into our home.

During our lawsuit with the insurance company, NextGen stood by us, including brilliant testimony and live demonstrations at trial to justify our case. Their state of the art equipment processes and recording of information was above reproach at the trial.

NextGen waited patiently for 3 ½ years to get paid, until we won both the trial and appeal. Their support, excellent work and concern for their clients made the difference for us. We highly recommend their services!!

Thank you NextGen Restoration,

Mark & Rhonda Wagner

Mark & Rhonda Wagner

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