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If you are looking for the best company to handle mold remediation, mold removal, and cleanup, you’ve found it. We have been in business for over 20 years and carry the highest level of level IICRC certification, we are experts in cleaning up the mold and restoring your home to it’s pre-loss condition.

Mold can not only be dangerous but also damage your property if not taken care of properly. The longer you wait, the more damage it can do, which means the cleanup cost can be higher by waiting.

The key to eliminating mold is drying the area, moisture. Mold requires moisture to grow. If you’ve had water damage you must act fast to prevent mold growth. It only takes mold 24 to 48 hours to spread and it usually grows in areas that are unseen but the musty odor is a clear indication there is mold present.

Expert Mold Removal Services 24/7

We provide 24-hour emergency service for mold removal and water damage restoration. Even if it’s 2 a. m., our emergency response team is standing by and can be dispatched to anywhere in the Tampa Bay area, including Clearwater, St. Pete, Lakeland, Brandon, Seffner, basically anywhere in Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Polk County in minutes.

If you’ve found mold growing or just smell the odor of mold in your home or business we can help. Even though mold removal is important, the first step is to fix the moisture problem that caused the mold.

Mold often has underlying issues and is located in both visible and hidden areas, usually it’s growing on the drywall or under the carpet. Just looking for mold is not enough, you need professional equipment to determine the areas that have mold and work to quarantine that area to prevent the mold spores from spreading to other areas of the building. This is why you need to work with a qualified mold removal and mold remediation company.


Structural Drying to Prevent Mold

Moisture can only grow in wet damp areas. The most common reason for mold is water damage from water intrusion. If you have recently had water damage the first step is to determine if you still have wet areas deep in the walls that need to be dried.

MIT Mold Inspection

A visual mold inspection will determine if more advanced mold tests are necessary. In many cases we isolate the area with plastic sheeting and use negative room pressure to prevent the spread of mold spores to other areas of the home.

Mold remediation removing carpet because of mold

Our techs are highly trained in mold cleanup, and removal. Remediation may be required if some materials are damaged such as carpeting, padding, lower section of drywall and insulation.  Don’t worry, we restore these areas to pre-loss condition.

Certified Mold Free Clearance Test

We stand behind everything we do and it’s essential to have a final mold clearance test done by an independent 3rd party to show the area has been returned to a safe environment and the work meets the industry standards outlined in the IICRC S520.

Why NextGen is a Leader in the Industry

We specialize in homes that have been water damaged and left wet by other companies and mold developed. That’s right, when a job is suspect of not being done correctly, we are the experts that are brought in to review the work done by other contractors. Our innovative technology is proprietary to NextGen, no other company in the area has our tools, knowledge and experience.

Independent Restoration Contractor

We work for you and will do the job right the first time, we don't cut corners and have the track record to prove it. We guarantee that we have no hidden agreements with your carrier. Our goal is restoring to pre-loss condition at a fair price.

Hi-Tech Accurate Moisture Meters

We use deep penetrating electronic sensors to detect moisture inside the walls, Deep Assembly Moisture Profiling, an innovative approach that can accurately detect moisture up to 7x more accurately than traditional moisture meters.

Drying Times Based on Conditions & Materials

Insurance companies often limit drying equipment to 3 - 5 days to reduce claims costs without regard to whether or not the structure has reached Dry Standard. We use technology to provide indisputable proof of when Dry Standard is reached.

Insurance Ready Documentation

Documentation for insurance claims is crucial, we provide comprehensive professional reports. With our innovative sensor technology and software we provide documentation that is above reproach, helping to expedite your claim.

24/7 Remote Job Monitoring

We remotely monitor the job 24/7, an alert system notifies us of any problems in drying conditions or equipment performance. Remote login for customer and adjuster to see job status 24/7 and automatically documenting the data.

Advanced Certifications & Training

NextGen Restoration is nationally certified and regionally recognized by clients and peers for our commitment to excellence. Our team is currently certified by IICRC, ACAC, OSHA, EPA, and the State of Florida.

Over 20 Years Experience

Even with over 20 years experience in the industry, it’s rare to find this advanced level of training and industry certifications. Our COO does nationwide training and consulting for other restoration experts. We take on the tough jobs others won't.

Registered 3rd Party Evaluator

With our extensive training and experience we are a Registered 3rd Party Evaluator, providing peer reviews and consulting to both consumers and industry professionals on all aspects of water damage restoration and mold remediation.

Did you Know, Over 95% of structures are left wet enough to support mold growth?

Is your water damage company doing the job right?  If your home is not dried properly, you may not realize it until it’s too late. We specialize in providing second opinions, consulting, peer review of work preformed, independent mold testing and more. Don’t go it alone, ask an expert.

Dry Check Water Damage Inspection