Water Mitigation Florida

Brandon Water Mitigation Services – 24hrs a day

So you have a water damage emergency in Brandon. Don’t panic! Call NextGen for water damage services in the entire Tampa area, including Brandon.

We’re available every single day all year long – call us 24/7.


I have an extreme water damage situation in Brandon. What do I do?

If your home has been flooded, you need to make a call right away. NextGen is here to help you start the mitigation process, which needs to begin immediately. If you don’t start mitigating right away, did you know that your insurance company has the power – legally – to deny your claim, or at the very least, heavily reduce it?

Beginning the mitigation process immediately after flood damage takes place will protect your home from further harm. It doesn’t matter what the source of the water damage is – from burst pipes to backed drain lines to hurricanes and tropical storms, we’re here to help with your Brandon water damage emergency. The experts at NextGen provide highly professional mitigation service that will have the water out of you home and the structure as dry as it was pre-damage, and in record time.

Choose NextGen as your Brandon Water Damage Company

Your insurance company legally must comply with whatever Brandon water damage contractor you choose. There are a number of reasons NextGen is the contractor you should choose for your water damage emergency. Our approach is different from the rest – and here’s why.

When you call NextGen, you’ll find that we are committed to saving your structure whenever possible. We work with you and with your insurance to avoid having to demolish your home, whether fully or even partially.

Our experts at NextGen specialize in fast and comprehensive water extraction, but that’s not all. We also work with you to salvage other parts of the building, even your floors, drywall and carpets. We want to preserve your home in Brandon, not make you start all over.

The services at NextGen also include mold remediation. We will leave your structure mold-free, and also provide repair services. Beat the wet Florida climate by calling NextGen to remove your mold and repair damage left behind by preexisting mold. Our experts are highly qualified and possess the best technology to get ahead of Florida’s humidity.

How can I tell if my structure is dry?

You’ll know when your structure is at its normal level of moisture – where it was before the water damage took place. The experts at NextGen will find and monitor where the moisture is located and, after extraction, we’ll be happy to provide documentation to prove that the moisture is gone.