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Emergency Service Request

  • For Hurricane claims, please note that we will be taking deductibles as a part of our engagement process. Having done this before, we have suffered economically from people who have committed to utilizing our services and then chose another course of action. As this has cost us millions of dollars in recent years, we have a policy of collecting deductibles so that you remain as committed to us as we are to you. This is not unusual in the storm circumstance and please feel free to contact Better Business Bureau, Construction Services in the State of Florida and Angie's List and Google Maps for our ratings. We are a long-term, stable and honorable company but we cannot afford to donate work to clients who have no ability or intent to pay for our services.
  • Homeowners Insurance Information

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  • Flood Insurance Information

    Please note that while we will bill the carrier on your behalf, we collect 50% of the expected job upfront and expect to be paid at the completion of the service. FEMA can be an absolute bear to work with and again, we have already donated enormous sums for unreimbursed work.
  • Mortgage Company Information